Sprintcar Speedweek is a five-night series commencing on December 26 at Murray Bridge Speedway, finishing six nights later at Premier Speedway, Warrnambool.

The series attracts the best Sprintcar talent from across Australia who follow the series across the hectic week-long schedule.

Sprintcar Speedweek is managed by the four participating tracks; Murray Bridge Speedway, Borderline Speedway, Avalon Raceway and Premier Speedway.

To support and promote the 2023/24 ‘Speedweek’ series we are seeking the services of a suitably qualified person to write and publish media releases to create awareness and interest for the Sprintcar Speedweek series.

Typical duties include but not limited to;

  • Pre-series releases such as driver announcements
  • Pre-event release
  • Post-event releases
  • Sourcing photos to accompany releases
  • Distribution of media releases to media outlets

What better way to spend the Christmas / New Year period than on the road watching Sprintcar racing night in, night out.

If this sounds like you please make a submission including your media credentials, cost schedule, ideas for the role and why you believe you’re the right person to represent the four tracks and become the 2023/24 Sprintcar Speedweek media representative.

Please send submissions to manager@premierspeedway.com.au by cob Friday September 15, 2023. 



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