Murray Bridge local Ryan Jones will be among the leading South Australian contenders during the upcoming Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek. Already this season Ryan picked up a win at the Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway in the season opening Battle of the Bridge so he will take confidence into the series knowing the opening two nights are at a track he has enjoyed great success at over his career. 

Although the venue is only minutes away from the Team’s home base Ryan has proven himself to more than just a one-track wonder as he has claimed a feature race victory at all active South Australian venues. In the past Jones has also been a Speedweek podium finisher, proving he can compete against the best drivers in the country when they make their annual post-Christmas visit.  

“During Speedweek you just need to concentrate on your car and the track conditions, keep your nose clean and then the rest will take care of itself” added Ryan recently. 

In recent years Ryan has proven himself as a points racer as he finished on the overall podium for the Chariots of Thunder Series in Darwin for the last two seasons, a trait that may prove crucial at the end of Speedweek. 

Last weekend saw an unfortunate incident during the Wright Motorsport’s final Speedweek preparations as the left front wheel studs sheared off during hot laps forcing Ryan hard into the turn three wall. The resulting roll over tore the differential out of the car resulting in a lot of extra work leading into Boxing Day. 

“We will still be in the same car. There wasn’t any chassis damage. It was a real shame as it was the best, I felt in the car all year until the failure” commented Ryan after the incident. 

So despite a little extra time in the workshop in the leadup to night 1 of Speedweek you can be assured that Ryan Jones and the ultra-professional Wright Motorsport Team will be ready to take on the challenge of Speedweek and you can expect the black #63 to be in the mix every time it takes to the track. 

The confirmed driver line-up for all 5 Nights of the 2023/24 Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek: Aaron Reutzel (USA87), Brendan Guerin (S96), Brendan Quinn (S14), Brock Hallett (Q5), Chad Ely (S98), Chase Randall (USA9), Daniel Pestka (S27), Glen Sutherland (S20), Jessie Attard (N55), Lachlan Caunt (N9), Luke Dillon (S81), Matt Egel (S52), Randy Morgan (Q54), Ryan Jones (S63), Scott Enderl (S11), Tim Hutchins (T7). 

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The 2023/24 Clay-per-view Sprintcar Speedweek Calendar: 

Nights 1 & 2 – December 26 & 27, 2023 – Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway (SA) (39 Nominations) 

Night 3 – December 28, 2023 – Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier (SA) (48 Nominations) 

Night 4 – December 30, 2023 – Avalon Raceway, Lara (Vic) (46 Nominations) 

Night 5 (Final) – January 1, 2024 – Premier Speedway, Warrnambool (Vic) (44 Nominations) 

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