The 22nd and final driver to confirm their nomination for the 2023/24 Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek is the defending Speedweek and Australian Sprintcar Champion Jock Goodyer. The Tasmanian was crowned the Speedweek Champion in 2022/23 on the back of two wins and two runner-up finishes in what was an unbelievable run over the four nights. 

His recent form at Murray Bridge Speedway has produced nothing but wins as his last two starts, dating back to March last season, has seen the Australia #1 in victory lane. Plus, who could forget the fact he crossed the line first before being put back following a great battle with Jamie Veal. 

After finishing second to Veal, he went on to finish second at both Mount Gambier and Avalon, before capping off the series win with a win in the finale at Warrnambool. 

Along with Queensland’s Lachlan McHugh, Goodyer has been the inform driver in the country with six feature wins this season, including three wins at the Chariots of Thunder Series in Darwin, a win at Murray Bridge in the USC, an SRA victory at Warrnambool and victory in a rare start at his home track at Latrobe in Tasmania. 

With Goodyer and McHugh both committing to all five nights there is a real possibility that we could see a continuation of the dual we saw at the Perth Motorplex in February when these two young superstars of Australian Sprintcar racing battled it out for the Australian Championship. But will Goodyer come out with win again? The days are counting down to find out. 

The confirmed driver line-up for all 5 Nights of the 2023/24 Clay-Per-View Sprintcar Speedweek: Aaron Reutzel (USA87), Alex Attard (N53), Brendan Guerin (S96), Brendan Quinn (S14), Brock Hallett (Q5), Chad Ely (S98), Chase Randall (USA9), Daniel Pestka (S27), Glen Sutherland (S20), Jessie Attard (N55), Jock Goodyer (A1), Kobi Wright (N78), Lachlan Caunt (N9), Lachlan McHugh (NQ7), Luke Dillon (S81), Marcus Dumesny (N47), Matt Egel (S52), Randy Morgan (Q54), Ryan Jones (S63), Scott Enderl (S11), Tim Hutchins (T7). 

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The 2023/24 Clay-per-view Sprintcar Speedweek Calendar: 

Nights 1 & 2 – December 26 & 27, 2023 – Murray Machining and Sheds Murray Bridge Speedway (SA) (39 Nominations) 

Night 3 – December 28, 2023 – Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier (SA) (49 Nominations) 

Night 4 – December 30, 2023 – Avalon Raceway, Lara (Vic) (47 Nominations) 

Night 5 (Final) – January 1, 2024 – Premier Speedway, Warrnambool (Vic) (45 Nominations) 

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